Nilos conveyor rings


Since 1987


NILOS-Rings are metal seals, designed to keep dirt, dust, debris and other abrasive contaminants out of ball and roller bearings.NILOS-Rings help extend bearing uptime in the harshest operating environments and industries. Precision-manufactured for robust, durability and standard, NILOS-Rings are produced from Galvanized steel, Stainless steel and Brass.Galvanized steel is especially good in environments where there are tough abrasive particles. Stainless steel is usually used in food processing environments, and other applications where water or other corrosive materials are present. Brass is used in applications where there are high concentrations of salt or other corrosive solutions.

NILOS-Rings can accommodate almost any ball, cylindrical roller, taper roller or spherical roller bearing having standard ISO dimensions.They can also be used with a range of single and double-row bearing types.They can be used as primary seals (i.e. the only seal) or secondary (additional) seals.

NILOS rings are available in a wide assortment of styles, materials and sealing configurations. In addition, there’s a Nilos ring available to fit almost any standard bearing size. The NILOS ring is a proven means to protect the bearing from contaminants that could reduce the life of the bearing.