Conveyor belt vulcanizing press


Since 1987

Pressure Bag Press


Control Panel:

  • Digital display shows exact temperature reading in each heating plate via PT 100 thermo-sensor
  • Automatic temperature and pressure cut-offs allow users to set and forget.
  • Optional Splice Recording stores the temperature, pressure vs time graph.
  • Optional LCD touch screen display or portable device interface.
  • Electronic controller for quick and simple programming of temperature
  • Digital display for set and actual temperatures
  • Manual backup in case of electronic controller failure.

Cross Beams:

  • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy provides maximum tensile and bending strength with minimum weight
  • End bolts are designed within the cross beam profile providing higher safety.

Heating Platens:

  • Quick and Even heating with Heating Mats
  • Regulation via thermo-sensor PT 100
  • Heating plates made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
  • Designed for Rhombic splices(16° 42’; 22°) or rectangular splices(90°)
  • Cooling Channels within the platens provide Quick cooling reducing your splicing time by several hours.
  • Air and/or water cooling available
  • Optimum pressure and temperature distribution
  • Robust, flush fitting electrical connections guarantee safe operation
  • Platens are designed to be used in combination or stand alone. This makes the presses easier to maneuver.

Pressure Bag:

  • BeltPro Pressure Bags provide uniform pressure distribution
  • Durable and Long last with special Aramid Inserts
  • Both Air and Water Bags available
  • Pressure up to 200 psi