Conveyor belt vulcanizing press


Since 1987, NIPL Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly Nilos India Pvt. Ltd.) has been your source for quality conveyor belting products and services. NIPL is India’s leading supplier of Vulcanizing Presses for the conveyor belting industry as well as Splicing Kits and tools. NIPL also offers Fabric Re-enforced Conveyor belts and Belt Changing Devices.

NIPLs Projects and Services teams provide quality service for installation as well as maintenance of fabric and steel cord conveyor belts. In 2005, NIPL installed the worlds longest single flight conveyor belt of 34 kilometers between Meghalaya, India and Noarai Chhatak, Bangladesh for LaFarge Surma Cement Ltd.


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NIPL with its condition monitoring and service teams can help you reduce downtime in your conveyor system and save on your maintenance costs.