Conveyor Belt Service

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Conveyor Belt Service

NIPL’s Service teams provide quality service on an on-call or AMC basis. NIPL has handled turnkey maintenance contracts for many large users of conveyor belting.

NIPL’s team of trained and NIPL Certified Vulcanizers are located close to you so that we can offer you the quickest service, shortening your downtime and therefore saving your money. NIPL also undertakes pulley lagging installations, edge/patch repair works and cold splicing.

Along with its Condition Monitoring Service, NIPL can reduce your downtime and save your money.

Reconditioning of Conveyor Belts

NIPL can save your money by extending the life of your conveyor belt. Both Steel Cord as well as Fabric belts can be reconditioned at our factory or at your site.

Longitudinal & Edge Repairs

NIPL’s team of vulcanizers can repair any longitudinal rips or damaged edges in your belt. Using specialised equipment like the NIPL Rip & Edge Repair Presses along with our Splicing Materials, our teams can hot vulcanize extended lengths of belt quickly.

For a fraction of the cost of your new belt, NIPL can extend the life of your damaged belt.