Conveyor belt splice kit


Since 1987

Splicing Kits

NIPL is the reputed manufacturer and supplier of different types of Splicing materials. These joining solutions are made from premium quality materials and are known for superior adhesion strength, durability and stability in different environmental conditions.
We Manufacture Splicing Kit for Steel Cord Belts and following Jointing Materials:

  • Hot Vulcanizing Solution
  • Insulation Compound
  • Cover Compound
  • Intercord strips
  • Silicon Release Paper
  • Cleaning Solution

Hot Vulcanizing Solution

NIPL Hot Vulcanizing Solution is formulated as a liquid vulcanizing agent suitable for rubber bonding purposes. It can be used for belt splicing, pulley lagging, rubber lining and general hot rubber bonding. Special agents are added to enhance bond strength and improve ozone resistance. It is suitable in a press or autoclave bonding application and in general rubber moulding.

Insulation and Cover Compound

Our insulation and cover compounds provide the ultimate protection for your belt carcass so that you realize a lower cost-per-ton conveyed and your system requires less maintenance. Our innovative compounds provide protection and performance in even the toughest applications. Utilizing our compounding expertise, we offer a wide variety of cover compounds to meet your specific application requirement.

Our manufacturing process is vertically integrated and unique to the conveyor belt industry. Backed by extensive research and testing facilities, we have cover compounds to meet your rigorous requirements. We have our own mixing facilities that provide raw materials used in making our cover compounds, giving us more control over the quality of the product every step of the way.